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Brazilian Shrimp and Fish Stew (Moqueca de Camarão e Peixe)

We are going to show you how to make Brazilian Shrimp and Fish stew, known as Moqueca. Moquecas are Brazilian seafood dishes which are the most popular and traditional in Brazilian cuisine. These stews contain unbelievable flavor and taste due to the combination of unique ingredients. The traditional Brazilian palm oil has a wonderful kick, and along with the addition of cilantro and parsley, the seafood absorbs these flavors really well. Just the scent emanating from this dish as it cooks is enjoyment enough.
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Recipe of the Day: Moqueca de Peixe Baiana (Brazilian Fish Stew)

Moqueca de Peixe is a very typical and traditional Brazilian Fish stew that originated in the Northeast region of Brazil. This unique variation on the dish comes from our friends over at All Recipes so check them out as well. It is a very hearty soup which combines many delicious Brazilian flavors to make a completely wonderful fish stew. The palm oil is what gives this stew its unbelievable and unique flavor. Try the soup out and tell us what you think we are sure you will love it as much as us!
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Caruru de Camarao (Shrimp & Okra Gumbo)

Caruru de Camarao is a Brazilian recipe consisting of shrimp and okra gumbo. It is typical of the Brazilian recipes that you find along the beautiful coast of the country. A lot of the settlers from this area were from the Caribbean, including slaves that were brought to the Caribbean from Africa. Okra is a really common ingredient found in African cooking. Those recipes take advantage of the bounty of the sea and fresh seafood. You can make it with just shrimp, or you can add in other kinds of seafood, if you want to. It will be thickened with either peanuts or manioc. Manioc is also called cassava, and is used all over the world, including Africa. Try it out we are sure you will love this one, and tell us what you think of it in the comment box below!
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