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Cattleman’s Beans (Feijão Tropeiro)

Feijão Tropeiro, or Cattleman’s Beans, is a traditional dish from the region of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Feijão Tropeiro combines dried beans sautéed with typical Brazilian ingredients like cassava flour, scallions, eggs, and bacon. This makes for a hearty and delicious signature Brazilian dish that is absolutely packed with flavor. This is not a dish that will leave you hungry wanting more, and is perfect for serving with guests.
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Farofa with Bacon

Farofa is a popular Brazilian dish made with toasted manioc flour. This is a unique and popular variation of the dish, a simple and easy recipe for Farofa with Bacon. It is best served as a side dish along with feijoada or some churrasco.
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Brazilian Style Lunch (Virado à Paulista)

Virado à Paulista, is a signature Brazilian Style lunch, originating in the region of Sao Paulo. It is very typical because of its simplicity and the fact that it is such a flavorful and hearty meal. It was given its name, “virado”, because it literally used to be the leftover foods all combined together, kind of like Cuban “Ropa Vieja”. Considering the fact that Sao Paulo is one of the most productive regions in Brazil, this dish just might be what gives Paulistas so much energy! It is not a complicated dish, just a quintessential Brazilian style breakfast with tons of flavor and all the typical favorites like Couve and Plantains.
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