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Brazilian Guacamole

This is the recipe for Brazilian Guacamole. In Brazil avocados are one of the most popular things to eat for many reasons including their great nutrition, flavor, and abundance. There are endless ways to eat this healthy green and delicious fruit and we are going to show you how to make the most popular and widespread version, guacamole. Brazilian guacamole is perfect serving as a complement with some chips or as a spread.
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Farofa with Bacon

Farofa is a popular Brazilian dish made with toasted manioc flour. This is a unique and popular variation of the dish, a simple and easy recipe for Farofa with Bacon. It is best served as a side dish along with feijoada or some churrasco.
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Heart of Palm Croquettes (Risoles de Palmito)

Risoles are a traditional Brazilian deep fried croquette like an empanada which are made with various types of filling, typically savory with some sort of meat. The most popular Brazilian style of this dish is Heart of Palm Croquettes, or Risoles de Palmito. Heart of Palm croquettes are an interesting Brazilian take on risoles but with the unique addition of Hearts of Palm instead of a meat filling, and it ends up being even more flavorful and delicious.
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