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Brazilian Avocado Sauce

Brazilian Avocado sauce, great for seasoning many dishes like grilled salmon, roasted chicken, or just eating by itself with some chips. It has a smooth and silky taste with a bit of a citrus kick, and is the perfect way to cool down many dishes, especially those that are spicy. It is super simple and easy to make and is the perfect healthy and light accompaniment that doesn’t sacrifice any flavor.
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Brazilian Guacamole

This is the recipe for Brazilian Guacamole. In Brazil avocados are one of the most popular things to eat for many reasons including their great nutrition, flavor, and abundance. There are endless ways to eat this healthy green and delicious fruit and we are going to show you how to make the most popular and widespread version, guacamole. Brazilian guacamole is perfect serving as a complement with some chips or as a spread.
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