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Brazilian Avocado Salad (Salada de Abacate)

Salada de Abacate, or Avocado Salad, is a Brazilian style salad which is one of my favorites. It is really easy to make with easy to find ingredients. The combination of fresh corn, avocados, and tomatoes in lime dressing makes for a surprisingly very flavorful and fresh dish which is emblematic of Brazilian cuisine. Try it out and tell us what you think, we’re sure you’ll love this one.
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Brazilian Octopus Salad (Salada de Polvo)

Salada de Polvo, or Octopus Salad is a delicious Brazilian style dish that is unbelievably flavorful and unique. It is a very popular dish in the South American continent because of its bursting flavor and unique ingredients. Octopus is a very underutilized ingredient in many dishes yet is so tasty and absorbs the flavor of surrounding ingredients like no other. This dish is quite simple to make yet the ingredients might be a bit more of a hassle to find yet well worth the effort. I would definitely fully recommend trying this dish out if you have not before as it will surely impress, especially if you are making for guests.
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