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Vinho Quente

Vinho Quente, translated directly as “Warm Wine”, is a very unique and traditional Brazilian drink that is most typically enjoyed during the Christmas season. It is a sweet drink that adds some chopped fruit along with a nice cinnamon flavor. Vinho Quente is the perfect drink for warming you and your guests up during the cold season.
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Squash Soup (Quibebe)

Quibebe is a traditional and signature squash soup dish originating in Northeastern Brazil. It is a great butternut squash soup with addition of a unique spicy kick. It is typically served as an accompaniment or an appetizer before a meal. It has a very rich and thick creamy texture, and is a hearty soup with tons of flavor. It is quite simple and easy to make, and perfect for making during the winter when butternut squash is in season.
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Roast Beef Sandwich (Bauru)

Bauru is a simple and easy to make yet unbelievably delicious Brazilian sandwich. It combines roast beef along with vegetables like tomatoes and pickles combined together with melted mozzarella cheese in a toasted Portuguese style bun. This is a signature and traditional sandwich that originated around 1934 when Casimiro Pinto Neto asked for a sandwich to these exact specifications in a sandwich shop in São Paulo. From then on, it became a widespread hit.
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