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Coconut White Chocolate Mousse

Coconut White Chocolate Mousse is very similar to Brazilian Mousse de Chocolate, but with the addition of white chocolate and coconut instead. This is quite an elegant dessert with a uniquely sweet flavor and texture. The induction of coconut makes this a sweet Brazilian dessert with an truly unique taste.
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Dream of Cream Puff Pastry (Sonho de Creme)

Sonho de Creme, or Dream of Cream, is a very popular Brazilian cream filled puff pastry, based off of the popular German Berliner or Portuguese doughnut, Bola de Berlim. This is an absolutely decadent and sweet dessert that is a signature of Brazilian dessert making. The combination of the crispy dough shell with some sweet citrus cream filling makes for quite an unbelievable treat. It is sure to impress, and is quite simple and easy to make without much fuss.
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Cassava Cake (Bolo de Macaxeira)

Brazilian Cassava Cake, known in Portuguese as Bolo de Macaxeira, is a unique signature Brazilian cake that is smooth and dense in texture with just the right amount of sweetness. Cassava is a main component of many dishes in Brazilian cuisine like farofa and many others. Cassava cake uses the root of the cassava in combination with some coconut in order to create a sweet and uniquely flavored traditional Brazilian cassava cake.
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