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White Pudding (Cuscuz Branco)

Cuscuz Branco is a traditional Brazilian white pudding made from coconut and tapioca. It is a richly decadent pudding with just the right amount of sweetness and a perfect texture. Cuzcuz Branco originates in the Northeastern Brazil and is most typically enjoyed during the Brazilian winter holidays. It is an easy to make dessert that is perfect for friends and guests are around.
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Rain Cakes (Bolinhos de Chuva)

Bolinhos de Chuva, or Rain Cakes, are a signature treat in Brazilian dessert making. Bolinhos de Chuva are deep fried golden dumplings covered with cinnamon and powdered sugar. They are made without much fuss and only need a couple of simple ingredients like flour, eggs, milk and baking powder. They are perfect for serving with some guests and especially those with a sweet tooth.
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Brazil Nut Cake (Bolo de Castanhas do Pará)

Brazil Nut Cake, or Bolo de Castanhas do Pará, is a wonderful and signature treat in Brazilian dessert making. This is a unique dessert that is rich in sweetness and texture, and combines Brazil nuts, coconut, and cocoa liqueur into a decadent and delightful dessert. Brazil Nut cake is a dessert that is simple but refined in taste. It isn’t very difficult to make and can be made pretty quickly without much fuss.
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