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Chicken Salad (Salpicão)

Salpicão is a very traditional and signature Brazilian Chicken salad which combines delicious shredded chicken breast mixed with lime juice, apples, raisins and mayo. Salpicão is a wonderful richly flavored salad that will fill you up whenever you are most hungry. Great when serving between two pieces of toasted bread, it is quite simple to make and is perfect for serving with some guests during lunch time.
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Coconut Curry Chicken (Frango Caril com Coco)

Coconut Curry Chicken, or Frango Caril com Coco, is a typical Brazilian dish that combines curry and coconut flavors to great effect. The smooth and distinct combination of coconut and curry flavors not only combines for an unbelievable taste, but adds a wonderful scented aroma which emanates from the dish. Frango Caril com Coco is surprisingly very simple and easy to make and is always sure to impress.
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Brazilian Chicken Moqueca (Moqueca de Frango)

Moquecas are a Brazilian specialty. They are a combination of delicious Brazilian flavors and spices like dende oil and coconut milk in a unique Brazilian style stew. This is a Moqueca de Frango, a Brazilian Chicken Moqueca from the region of Bahia in north. It is an absolutely delicious combination of Brazilian ingredients in a rich and flavorful dish that has an unbelievable scent, and is sure to impress.
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