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Brazilian Erva Mate (Chimarrão)

Chimarrão is a style of Erva Mate most typically used in the southern Brazilian region of Rio Grande do Sul. Erva Mate is a herbal tea drink used all over South America and in some Middle Eastern countries as well because of its strong and refreshing taste and numerous health benefits. It is truly a wonder drink that is also very energizing due to its caffeine.
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Cassava Cake (Bolo de Macaxeira)

Brazilian Cassava Cake, known in Portuguese as Bolo de Macaxeira, is a unique signature Brazilian cake that is smooth and dense in texture with just the right amount of sweetness. Cassava is a main component of many dishes in Brazilian cuisine like farofa and many others. Cassava cake uses the root of the cassava in combination with some coconut in order to create a sweet and uniquely flavored traditional Brazilian cassava cake.
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Brazilian Carrot Farofa (Farofa de Cenoura)

Farofa de Cenoura is a Brazilian Carrot Farofa, a unique variation on the popular Brazilian Farofa dish. Farofa is one of the most signature sides in Brazilian cuisine, and this is a flavorful and richly tasting variation of Farofa with the addition of carrot. It is simple and easy to make, and perfect for serving with meats, rice, and beans.
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