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Brazil Nut Cookies (Biscoitos de Castanhas do Para)

Brazil Nut Cookies, known as Biscoitos de Castanhas do Para, are a unique traditional Brazilian dessert using signature South American Brazil Nuts. Brazil Nuts are rich and flavorful nuts that are very nutritious and perfect for making delicious cookies. These are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. They are quite simple and easy to make.
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Coconut Butternut Squash Soup (Sopa de Abóbora e Coco)

Sopa de Abóbora e Coco is a Brazilian style Coconut Butternut Squash soup that is very popular in the summer months. The delicious scent and flavor of coconut combined with some rich butternut squash makes for quite a soup. The combination of the sweet potato and butternut squash makes it quite healthy and nutritious as well. This is an unbelievably flavorful soup that is sure to impress and can be made without much fuss.
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Brazilian Avocado Sauce

Brazilian Avocado sauce, great for seasoning many dishes like grilled salmon, roasted chicken, or just eating by itself with some chips. It has a smooth and silky taste with a bit of a citrus kick, and is the perfect way to cool down many dishes, especially those that are spicy. It is super simple and easy to make and is the perfect healthy and light accompaniment that doesn’t sacrifice any flavor.
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