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Brazilian Shrimp Fritters (Acarajé)

Acarajé are Brazilian Shrimp Fritters, which originate in the region of Bahia. It´s a mixture of Brazilian and African cooking and flavor. It´s a delicious fast food that can be found on street vendors all over. They are a slightly complicated to make but totally delicious and are sure to impress. If you have any questions or comments about this recipe please place them in the comment box below.
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Simple and Easy Papaya Cream (Creme de Papaya)

Simple and easy recipe for Brazilian Creme de Papaya, or Papaya Cream. Papaya is one of the most popular fruits in Brazil and a perfect fruit for making desserts with. This is because of its unique smooth and tropical flavor, and the fact it is not overly sweet. This is a creamy dessert treat which you will surely love if you have not had the chance to eat it before.
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Rice Fritters (Bolinhos de Arroz)

Recipe for Bolinhos de Arroz, which are Rice Fritters very popular in Brazil. These are unbelievably rich in flavor and perfect for snacking on or serving as a side. These are very popular as street food in vendors and can be seen all over. They are quite simple and easy to make and you will surely love them.
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