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Fried Beef Croquettes “Kibbeh”

As Brazilian culture contains its own unique mixture and combination of many different influences from all over the world, the cuisine exemplifies that fact to the highest degree. Brazilian Kibbeh, or fried beef croquettes, is a dish originating in Lebanese cuisine. These small deep fried beef treats have become one of the most popular snacks to eat in Brazil and are seen all over. The combination in seasonings of garlic, mint, cinnamon, and nutmeg along with the deep fried beef and onions makes for an unbelievable savory snack. This is a simple and easy way to make this super popular and delicious eat without all the fuss.

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Brazilian Peanut Kisses (Cajuzinhos de Amendoim)

We’re going to show you how to make a wonderful popular Brazilian dessert, Cajuzinhos de Amendoim. These are Brazilian Peanut Kisses, and they are small bit size treats that are very popular in Brazil because of their great sweet peanut flavor which I really love. They are super easy to make, so try them out and tell us what you think.
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Sweet Rice (Arroz Doce)

Brazilian Sweet Rice, known as Arroz Doce, is a popular sweet dish in Brazilian cuisine which can be enjoyed at any time of the day as a dessert or even a light meal. Originating partially in Portuguese cuisine, this Sweet Rice dish is perfect for those with a sweet tooth like myself. It is surprisingly really simple and easy to make and you will be sure to love it.
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