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Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts (Castanhas do Pará com Chocolate)

Brazil nuts, or Castanhas do Pará, are a very popular nut in South America because of their delicious flavor and healthy nutrition. These popular nuts are used to make many different dishes in Brazilian cuisine because of their flavor and taste. This recipe is for delicious chocolate covered Brazil Nuts and are perfect for those with a sweet tooth like myself. They are easy to make without all the fuss. Try it out and tell us what you think.
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Simple & Easy Couve (Brazilian Cooked Kale)

Couve is an essential part of Brazilian cuisine. It is hearty, healthy, and in combination with other dishes it is absolutely delicious. Being that kale has been dubbed the most nutritious vegetable in the world this dish is what gives Brazilians so much energy! Our simple & easy recipe for Couve lets you make this popular and traditional dish without any fuss. Make some and serve with Feijoada or you can eat it on its own. Enjoy!
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